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Eng Lit & Lang

Dreaming Spires (Dr Kat Patrick)

(English literature and language online courses for ages 11 and up. Great prep for English exams in the future, and with HE-ers from all over the world, very sociable!) 

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Bucks, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk.

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Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Kent

Dorothy Murphy. Oxford. Veteran home educator. Qualified and experienced teacher and ex-examiner. Specialist in CAIE English Language IGCSE and English Literature IGCSE. Small groups for English in Oxford. Also the SENDCO for Faregos Home Education Exam Centre in Hants.

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Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire.

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Eng Lit & Lang

CM Live Online

(Dr Kat Patrick)

(English literature and language online courses for ages 11 and up. Great prep for English exams in the future, and with HE-ers from all over the world, very sociable!) 


English Lang

Dreaming Spires Revision

(Dr Kat Patrick) 


(10-session course for preparing CIE iGCSE English Language


Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation

Peter McNeely

I am an experienced Classics teacher with an MA in Latin. I am working for OCR and AQA as an examiner, and as a private tutor. I would be happy to supply tutoring or support for any Classical subject (Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation) to pupils individually, or as a small group. I teach at my home (in Lode, NE of Cambridge) or by skype or email.

Essex/Suffolk All Subjects Tutoring Ipswich Colchester Web:




We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and successful teachers providing small group, bespoke learning in a variety of subjects. From September 2017 we will be holding a day of classes in Maths, French, English (leading to GCSE English Language and Literature), Chemistry and one other subject (depending on groupings and interest) on Wednesdays. Please see our facebook page or email us to find out more.



Eng Lang & Lit

Carmen Kelly

Mobile: 07970425597,

email: tutorcarmenkelly or get in

touch via Facebook

KS2, 3, GCSE , A-Level and English as Foreign Language. I am based in Thanet, Kent, but I can also provide on-line tuition via Skype.




English, Maths, French, Science, Enviro Mgt to GCSE

Maths and

Physics to

A Level

Tim Clarke

07984 140739


Recommendation by HE parent. Mainly a maths and science tutor for both schooled and HE children.  Tim help my son initially with the alternative to coursework section in the EM IGCSE course. He then helped him through his English IGCSEs and re-built his confidence in maths prior to his exams.  Tim was vital to my son’s recovery following a Yr10 departure from school straight into HE and IGCSEs. We’d never have done it without him.

Oxon English Dr Kat Patrick A home-edding mum from Oxfordshire who holds a PhD in English, has had many years of secondary school teaching, and examines for CIE.Sibling and referral discounts available. Also runs the CM Live and Dreaming Spires Revision courses.
'Shropshire'Telford and Online English Language and Literature (IGCSE, KS2 and KS3 Catherine


01952 605865 I am a fully qualified English teacher and home-educating mum. (My 19 year old son is doing an OU degree and now describes himself as a self-educating' artist and musician, but I'm still very hands-on and a useful roady and provider of art materials, I am told...) I also teach creative writing at the Open University. During the last 6 years I have helped nearly 1300 home-educated children achieve excellent grades in IGCSE English Language

and Literature (over 80% get A grades) with my IGCSE English courses. I also offer a pre-iGCSE English course for 8 - 12 year olds, called Word Weavers. I offer IGCSE courses for a range of exam boards including Edexcel Specs A and B, AQA IGCSE and CIE (if anyone is unsure about the best option, please phone me). 

My courses consist of full colour coursebooks with audio CDs and I can print them in large font or on creamy yellow paper (in case anyone struggles with printed text - the font is blue by the way, so very easy on the eye). In addition to 11 tutor marked assignments I offer unlimited (within reason) phone and email support. You can see details and samples on my website:

Warks Tim Clarke See details under Oxon.