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Edexcel IGCSE Human Biology Edit

Edexcel offer an IGCSE specifically in Human Biology.

Specification: Human Biology International GCSE from 2009 . Note this means for teaching from 2009, so first exams were in 2011.

Past papers, specification and useful Teacher Support Materials available on the Edexcel site at the link above.

  • Two papers, no coursework.
  • Single-tier, ie no need to choose between Foundation or Higher papers.
  • First examination in 2011.


The standard textbook for this qualification is: Edexcel International GCSE Human Biology Student Book by Philip Bradfield -Paperback – pub 12 Oct 2010. There are some corrections to errors in the original textbook, which you can download as a zip file containing several pdf documents. You will need the Human Biology IGCSE Answer filefor the end-of-chapter questions

Human Biology Resource List Edit

List of resources from a member of the HE Exams Yahoogroup.Resources recommended by HE Exams Yahoogroup member Karen G:

Here is a list of links etc that we used for Human Biology...we didn't get to use all of them in the end, but there were some excellent resources on there...Been helped out on the HE Exams Yahoogroup a few times and appreciate it very much, so hope these will save someone some time and energy! bw's Karen

Cell Parts Worksheet - Cell Membrane Lesson - My Schoolhouse - Online Learning

I used the freebies off the following site, and dd used the edexcel book to check her answers...but i have had membership to this site before and it is well worth the money: Enchanted Learning Anatomy Activities

Great free revision


Ear labelling


ears and lots of body stuff here

nerve cells

simple version

Enchanted Learning has loads of stuff.


Read and do quiz

Sewage and treatment etc

Extra stuff and videos etc osmosis...about 12 it all

Blood cells...diffusion...about 2 mins

gas exchange in alveolas and capillaries

very simple drawing explanation of gas exchange..simple but effective explanation

good exam style points..

GCSE BITESIZE.... homeostasis, the nervous system etc ==== Genes and inheritance

pollution and environment stuff that applies, I think it might be all on this section tho..

This is the older version, but lots you can revise..Hormones and the Nervous system again..

More Genes/DNA/Reproduction

Health stuff

AQA stuff...but might help


Home0stasis cartoon clip Hoemostasis Higher Tier Test

khan academy has lots of different videos

pregnancy menstruation etc few mins long

osmosis and diffusion few mins long

transport in Humans - about half hour

quizzes and answers for the human body on here

someone's online revision notes...

powerpoints, worksheets video links etc...

good videos and stuff on these - use only the ones you need help with to save time

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