These results have not been updated recently but may be in future. Please feel free to add your own experience in the comments section below. If you want to contribute results achieved by an EHE young person, please send them to Although the current results are from England and Wales, she is happy to include results from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Age range: 8–21 (majority 15) Average length EHE: 8 years

Between them, the sample of 52 young people have achieved 199 formal educational results in 50 subjects since 2002.

Type of exam taken
(almost 50% were taken under the age of 16)
O level 1%
AS and A level 13%
Tertiary (e.g. Open University) 7%
Music/dance grades 11%
Grade Sample % achieved
A* 16%
A 37%
B 26%
C 16%
D 3%
E 1%
Performing Arts
Distinction 33%
Merit 13%
Pass 55%

Of the sample, one person has achieved a first class degree and another two have achieved 2:1 degrees.


  • Art includes Craft, Photography, Textiles, Fine Arts
  • Business includes Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, IT
  • Humanities includes Classics, General studies, History, Philosophy, RE
  • Modern Languages includes French, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Performance Arts includes Dance, Drama and Music
  • Science includes Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics