List of exam centres that did predicted grades when exams were cancelled due to COVID-19: Edit

Please note that those centres listed had different fees for entrance and some charged extra for Zoom exams etc.

Also, some centres would only accept grades submitted from distance learning providers or approved tutors.

Faregos (also allowed some to transfer)

Tutors & Exams (All centres, allowed students to transfer)

St John's School, Sidmouth, Devon

3A Tutors, Bristol

St Gregory's Catholic School

Wallace College, Edinburgh

Brookes College, London

AEC Tutors (All centres)

Thomas Gainsborough School, Sudbury

Longmeads Academy, St Neots

Interhigh (as an exam centre)

Swansea Sixth Form College

Spanish Learning Centre, Blackpool

Newark Academy

The Minster School Lincoln 

Home Ed Partners at Llangattock School, Monmouth 

Pascals college ( Allowed Transfer students) £400 included online exam 

Exam centre London ( Allowed tranfer students) £570 late fee plus £200 online mock or £50 centre mock.   

Home Ed Partners at Llangattock School, Monmouth 

JayEm Dance School Chorley.

Enter CIC (Private Exams North East) 

Elizabeth College - Guernsey

Guernsey College of Further Education

Magdalen Court Exeter

Campbell Harris, Kensington

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