Economics GCSE and IGCSE are both assessed by written exams - no coursework - so either is straightforward from home education. Many have found this subject one that worked well for self-study from a textbook and free online resources, while others prefer to use courses.

GCSE Economics Edit

AQA GCSE Economics (9-1) Edit

Aqa gcse economics

Syllabus and resources: AQA GCSE Economics

Specification code: 8136

For teaching from 2017, first exams Summer 2019.

2 exams, 1hr 45 minutes each.

IGCSE Economics Edit

Edexcel IGCSE Economics - 4EC1 Edit

Edexcel International GCSE Economics - syllabus and past papers.

What they say: "The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Economics qualification enables students to:

  • develop an understanding of economic concepts and apply these concepts to real-life situations
  • calculate, interpret and evaluate economic data in order to make reasoned arguments and informed judgements
  • develop an awareness of economic change and its impact on developing and developed economies
  • understand economic issues, problems and possible solutions that affect mixed economies
  • participate effectively in society as citizens, producers and consumers."

Qualification code 4EC1

Paper 1: 1hr, 30 mins. Microeconomics and Business Economics. Paper code 4EC1/01

Paper 2: 1 hr, 30 mins. Macroeconomics and the Global Economy. Paper code 4EC1/02

Exam sittings: January and June

First assessment: June 2019

CIE IGCSE Economics - 0455 Edit

CIE IGCSE Economics Syllabus , and downloadable Learner Guide. See also helpful Support Material list including links.

Textbook: Complete Economics for Cambridge IGCSE® and O-level (Second Edition) by Dan Moynihan et al. 

Qualification code 0455 .

Two papers: one 45 minute multiple choice, and one 2hr 15 minute written paper.

CIE A Level Economics Edit

We used International AS and A level Economics by Peter Smith. Publisher Hodder education. My son had read through another Economics course book in the previous 10 weeks, but preferred this one. He had already done IGCSE Economics the previous year. This is a subject that you do not have to have done IGCSE Economics, so no previous knowledge is assumed. However, as my son had done the IGCSE, he had solid building blocks and so was able to complete the A level in 1 year.

There is also a Facebook group you can join for ideas, resources and support: FB group link Edit

Tutors, courses and other resources Edit

Home Made Education - specialist distance learning courses provided by a home educator. Supporting the Edexcel IGCSE Economics syllabus. Courses available in an online or printed format. Also offers courses for related subjects - Business, Travel and Tourism, Development Studies.

From D:  We highly recommend HomeMadeEducation. My 14 year old has been studying GCSE Economics this year, online, and is motivated, interested, and eager to take more courses with her next year too.