Edexcel IGCSE Accounting Edit

This syllabus is no longer available to candidates sitting in the UK. It is available for international sittings.

Cambridge (CAIE) IGCSE Accounting Edit

Syllabus 0452

Textbook Essential Accounting for Cambridge IGCSE

Answers are not in the book, but can be found here

and associated workbook

Alternative Accounting Qualifications Edit

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) offer a range of qualifications for accounting, bookeeping and business.

A group member has suggested that the AAT will accept under 16 year olds for some of their professional exams, but do check.

" AAT is a highly regarded accounting qualification studied by people in accounts departments in business, and Accounting firms. Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE, covers mainly bookkeeping, consists of 5 exams, taken individually by computer based assessment. There are lots of centres which offer the tests and hold them on a weekly basis. The whole course can be taken over a period of 4/5 months, or over more than a year. Level 3 gives UCAS points equivalent to an A* A level. The pass mark for Level 2 is 70% and there are no grades - just 'Competent' or not. If you fail a test, you can re-take (as often as you like). The course is good for people who like to learn progressively, not have an all-or-nothing exam, and with no pressure to get a specific grade, and who need flexibility about when they study and take exams. Reasonable maths ability/way of thinking will possibly help, but the maths itself is more functional rather than academic. "

There are several options for study:

" can be bought online; you can buy the books and teach yourself; there are courses at FE colleges (would have to ask the college if they accept under 16 year olds and the cost). There are also 'professional' training bodies. For example, Kaplan accept under 16 year olds and the Milton Keynes branch has been very supportive to us. Their highest level of support is onsite teaching day release (12 days in total plus exams) or evenings. [This] includes course books and masses of study materials including online revision and tests, and recorded teaching of lessons, so you can go over any lesson again, plus a 'guaranteed pass' with retake courses online and tutor support. This comes of course at a price (c £1,500) [check for up-to-date costs] which is usually paid for by the person's employer - some home ed families who have a business / work for themselves might be able to 'sponsor' their child and pay via their business if the child then uses the skills in the business."

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